SNOWCAP INTERNATIONAL Recruiting is not just a skill it is an art form that with time and experience is mastered to help others reach their goals. Nicolas Trahan
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During “banner” years, companies scramble to find qualified employees as they grow. 

In lean years, businesses rely on temporary employees so they do not have to commit to hiring full-time staff, thus saving increased overhead for benefits.

Because many job-seekers see the value of working through agencies to make their own search more targeted and efficient, we often have access to candidates that would not be available through postings on job boards or the placement of ads.

Consultants use their many years of experience to locate, test, screen and submit quality candidates for our clients.

What sets Snowcap International apart

Snowcap International Consultants are Master Recruiters who use various techniques to pinpoint and attract only the highest quality candidates this country has to offer.

While other vendors are posting adds on job boards, waiting and hoping that a candidate will fall on their lap, our Consultants are using their vast networks to reach out only to high quality candidates in order to pre-screen them and to insure they meet all of our client’s requirements and high standards.

It is common for other vendors to charge exuberant 18% - 30% fees, our fee is only 10%. The reason for this is because we realize that gaining your business, trust and respect is more important to us than our bottom line.

Our warranty policy is also unmatched in the industry. Most vendors will give clients a credit guarantee which means that if the candidate does not work out within a 45 - 60 day period the client will receive a replacement candidate or a credit for future vacancies.

We are so confident in the quality of our candidates that we offer a full money back guarantee or a replacement candidate if the newly hired employee leaves or is dismissed within 90 days of their start date.

We also provide Contract Workers. We are equipped to provide payroll services with an acceptable margin.

Snowcap International as your vendor

With Snowcap International on your side not only will you receive high quality candidates in an efficient and timely manner but you will also receive a savings of over 50% in your staffing budget and have a 100% refund guarantee on all permanent candidates.

Our success rate is high; we look forward to serving you with confidence!


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