SNOWCAP INTERNATIONAL Recruiting is not just a skill it is an art form that with time and experience is mastered to help others reach their goals. Nicolas Trahan
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Snowcap International employs a unique competency based interviewing methodology that identifies the key critical outcomes and behavioral traits necessary for successful fulfillment of the position.


In the job market there are two types of candidates, those who are actively looking and those who are not actively looking but are opened to new opportunities. Those who are actively looking can have different reasons as to why they seek employment but those who are not actively looking are employees who tend to be more stable and more reliable because they have something to lose which is stability.                      

Active candidates tend to apply for several positions at a time and have already prepped themselves for the possibility of an interview. An active candidate can also customize their resume for a certain position so that it seems that his/her skills are in line with the job requirements for the sole purpose of misleading the employer into thinking they are a match. An employer can then run the risk of hiring a candidate who is not suitable for the position.

On the other hand, passive candidates who must be head hunted will fisrt be pre qualified and pre screened prior to even seeing the job description or knowing who the client is. Once the candidate has been pre qualified for the positoin then he/sje will be permitted to review the job description in order to better understand the role they are potentially applying for.


Snowcap International contains an internal database of thousands of passive candidates who have already been pre-screened for various positions. This means that our clients are able to receive quicker turn around times for their candidate submissions. We usually do not start form zero.

Our consultants have a large network and they can reach out to any potential candidate at any time. This means that we can even reach out to candidates who work directly with our client's competetion which gives our clients an edge since they have the opportunity to have an employee that not only understands their business well but also that of the competition's.

Our database is constantly updated with new candidates and we record information such:

  • Amount of years the candidate has been working in his/her chosen field
  • The tools they use and how many years they have used them
  • Weaknesses and Strengths
  • Specialties
  • Aspirations
  • Attitude and Communication Skills
  • Physical location and their acceptable commuting distance. Where they would relocate and where they would not
  • Their acceptable annual income or hourly rate
  • Reference checks

Snowcap International always delivers the best candidates!



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