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Snowcap International takes pride in its high success rate because our teams work hard to insure that our clients are always satisfied with our candidates and our services.

The following are some Testimonials from our Client and Candidates.

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An excellent agency when looking for the right fit! Snowcap is extremely professional and efficient. We put full trust in knowing that they will meet our staffing needs every time.

Liza T.

Human Resource Manager

Snowcap has a comprehensive assessment approach that uncovers the true value of the candidates they present. Their attentive, client focused style motivates the recruitment process so that progress is not halted at any stage. I would highly recommend Snowcap International to any firm seeking a range of talent, especially those companies who are new to the area as their knowledge of the local market is impressive.

Alex M.

Corporate Recruiter

Thank you Snowcap very much for recruiting our VP for us! He is a wonderful asset to our Executive team. His leadership qualities are stellar and he has a finger on the pulse of our business. I will be leaving to open the USA market in the spring and I fully expect that John will be able to take over the Canadian operations. Once again thank you for making this process a smooth and enjoyable experience. I look forward to working with your company as we expand into the United States.

John T.

President and CEO

I started relaunching my career right at the breaking point of the economic recession not a good time for career building. Honestly speaking, upon working with several recruiters in the past, I had lost my confidence with recruiters before I met a recruiter from Snowcap. His kindness and sincerity, especially his ability to bring out the best qualities in me has completely changed my view of recruiters. To me he is not just a recruiter, but a mentor and a great friend.

Ali K.

Director of Information Technology

Working with Snowcap International has been a pleasure. They ask the right questions to get a strong understanding of the position/business/company. They are very professional and diligent in their searches. If I have a difficult position to fill, their recruiters will be the first people I call.

Stephanie W.

Vice President of Operations

The Snowcap recruiting team demonstrated exceptional recruiting best practises as they carefully and thoroughly worked to match the right candidate to the client companies' job specifications and corporate culture. They are responsive, resourceful, appropriately persistent and provide professional, added value coaching for their selected candidates.

Sue Q.

Director of Talent Aquisition



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